8 Cool And Simple Ways To Lace Shoes


Well, manam shoes konetapudu we search for some new and unique models. So alage, why to follow the basic shoelace pattern every time. Try these different ways to lace shoes.

1. Diamond Shoelace Design
It is suitable for running shoes and ladies boots.1shoes

2. Basic Crisscross Shoe Lace Pattern
It is the simple basic pattern.2shoes

3. Ladder Lacing
It is more suitable for converse shoes.3shoes

4. Spyder web
It is best for converse and casual shoes.4shoes

5. Star Lacing Running Shoes
Best suit for parties.5shoes

6. Over-Under Lacing
It is suitable for formal and dress shoe.6shoes

7. Train Track Lacing
It is perfect for converse and parties.7shoes

8. Zipper Lacing
Suitable for converse and formal shoes.8shoes