8 countries to get Permanent Residency easily


Trump USA president ayaka, it has become nearly impossible for us Indians to flock to the USA. Foreign lo settle avvali ani mee dream unte, we’ve got you a list of countries ekkadaithe meeru easy ga Permanent Residence (PR) pondhavacchu.

Ecuadorpermanent residencyEcuador citizen avvadaaniki you only need $1000 and a clean criminal record. Inka oka person country nunchi 3 years lo only 90 days bhayata undacchu. Inka applicant must show $800 pm income, invest $25000 in CD from an Ecuadorian bank or invest $25000 in real estate.

Belizepermanent residencyCentral America lo unna ee country lo you can get a PR if you’ve stayed for more than 5 years. Applicant ki bank account lo minimum $2000 (Rs.1,30,000) undali. If your country is at war with Belize, then meeru apply cheyaleru.

Seychellespermanent residencySeychelles lo PR dhorakadam koncham costly, it costs $12500 (Rs.8,00,000) per person. Inka applicant must consider contributing to social, economic and cultural life of Seychelles.

Paraguaypermanent residencyMee bank account to $5200 (Rs.3,40,000) unte meeru Paraguay lo PR apply chesukovacchu. PR dhorikina 3 years ki meeru citizenship kosamu apply chesukovachhu.

Panamapermanent residencyPanama lo 5 years undi, anni medical tests clear chesaka you will be eligible to get PR for 5 years. 5 years tharavaatha malli renew chesukovacchu.

Hungary6 - HungaryIf meeru minimum 300,000 Euros, Hungarian Bonds lo invest cheyadaaniki ready ga unnaru ante the Hungarian PR is yours. Money pay chesina 2 months lo you will get your PR.

Dominican Republic7 - Dominican RepublicDominican Republic lo meeku citizenship 2 years lo occhesthindhi. Meeru $200,000 real estate or a business lo invest chesi process ni speed up cheyachu. Apart from that, you also have to show a steady income.

Russia8 - russiaRussian citizen avvadaaniki meeru Russia lo tax kattali. Inka meeru Russian language test compulsory ga pass avvali.