8 Dangerous Food Combinations Which You Should Never Mix Together

Akali tirali ante edo oka food pottalo padalsindhe potta nindalsindhe. Ee busy life lo padi hurry burry lo sometimes eh food padithe aa food tinestham. Ila bayata tinna taruvatha okkosari little uncomfortable anipinchadam in some cases food poisoning kuda avtundi. General ga ila food poison jargadaniki venaka unna reason �Botulism�ane bacteria.

Stomach lo ee botulism ane bacteria manam tiskunna food ni contaminate cheyadam valla food poisoning aiyye chances untayi. Aithe food poisoning aiyye chances eppudu ekkuva unayi ante some food combinations try chesinappudu.

Meeru vine untaru egg and potlakaya tinte food poison avtundhi ani. Ee combination lane some food combinations entha dooram pedithe antha manchidi.

Aa foods ento chusesi max aa food combinations ni avoid cheyandi.


1. Burger + Fries

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Friends tho birthdays, parties ki vellinappudu max ee food combinations tintaru. But don’t do that endukante this combination may cause food poisoning.

Reason: Fat & starch levels in both foods may rise blood cholesterol levels.


2. Fruits after meal

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Full tinna ventane banana or apple lantivi tintuntaru kondaru but tina kudadu.

Reason: Fruits lo unna starch and sugar content direct ga meal tho kalisi stomach lo set avtundhi.

3. Potatoes, Egg with Meat and Pork !

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General ga chicken or mutton curries lo potatoes vesi curry chestuntaru ila cheyakudadu. And even egg, omelettes kuda chicken, mutton and pork tinetappudu avoid cheyadam manchidi.

Reason: High saturated fat and proteins combination kalisthe ika anthe hard to digest and chances of food poisoning.

4. Tomatoes with pasta, maggi and other fast foods.

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Instant ga tondaraga avtundi ani Pasta, maggi and noodles chesukoni tinadam common eh. Kani, tomatoes vesukoni cook cheyadam or tomato ketchup heavy ga tisukovadam assala machidi kadu.

Reason: Rich source of carbohydrates in pasta and acids in tomatoes valla stomach bloating aiyyi food poisoning avuthundhi.

5. Bananas and Milk products

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Manalo chala mandi Banana milkshakes prefer chestuntaru but how many of you know that ee combination valla food poisoning avutundi ani.

6. Don’t eat Apple after Medicines

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Regular ga apple tinaru kani fever or sick ainappudu medicines vesukuni apple tinadam start chestaru if i am not wrong. Kai medicines vesukune mundhu or vesukunna taruvatha apple matram tinoddu.

Reason: Acids in apple medicines absorption ni taaggistundhi and sick aiyye cances ekkuva.

7. Juices after Cereal

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Most of us morning times lo cereal breakfast ga tisukuntam and ventane edo oka fruit juice prefer chestham. Ila cheyadam valla mee day ni meeru eh bad start cheyadam lantidi.

Reason: Juices lo unde acids body activity ni taggisthayi only prefer cereal for breakfast.

8. Pizza and Soft drinks especially Soda

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Pizza tintu soda or soft drinks pakka prefer chestaru kada meeru. Aithe now onwards ila cheyakandi for the sake of your stomach.

Reason: This combination may slow down your digestion process it takes so much time to digest and causes bloating and pain.

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