8 Exceptional Scenes From Movies In 2019 Which Are Nothing But Brilliant

Jersey Train scene ee year lo vacchina ani movies lo the best scene edaina cheppamante nenu cheppe answer. Not only me…majority of people ee scene ke vote vestharu ee scene ki unna impact alantidi mari.

Ee okka scene okkate kadu Sye Raa, Super Deluxe, Karthi Kaidhi movie lo konni shots, frames audience chetha wow excellent ani whistle veyisthe..konni emotional ga connect aiyyayi, konni emo assala ela tisaru ee shot anela unnayi.

Few best shots, scenes and frames from movies released in 2019.

1. Vijay Sethupathi Saree Tie Scene in Super Deluxe

Super DeluxNo actor would dare to do this role, and actor Vijay Sethupathi did it. Assala character cheyadam okka etthu aithe particular ga Saree draping scene and Police Station lo officer tho vacche scene  no one will attempt but Makkal Selvan did.

2. Nani – Jersey Train Scene

JerseyEe movie lo ee shot kosame movie chudadaniki, aa feel ni malli enjoy cheyadaniki 2.3 time theatre ki vellanu. And this shot is shot of the decade for all the right reasons.

3. Climax Shot of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Sye Raa Narasimha ReddySye Raa climax lo Chiru head cut chesina taruvatha vacche….sun backdrop lo vacche shot aithe brilliant shot.

4. Varun Tej Flashback episode shots in Gaddalakonda Ganesh

Varun TejVarun tej flashback cheppe scenes lo car glass lo nundi Varun ni chupinche scene crazy shot in entire movie.

5. This Mahabaharatham reference shot in Nani’s Gang Leader

Gang LeaderInterval bang lo Nani ni Mahabharatham…lo krishnudi la migatha 5 members ni Pandavulu la, and akkade unna Innova ni Mahabharatham lo radham la crazy reference.

6. These night mode scenes and frames in Kadhi/Kaithi

KaithiMovie mottham one night lo aipotundi..and movie lo vacche lnight mode sequenes especiallyaa chasing and climax lo terminator scene movie lo major highlights.

7. This Goosebumps climax scene from Mohan Lal’s Lucifer movie

LuciferKGF taruvatha malli alanti elevations unna cinema ediana undante adi…Lucifer eh. Especially Mohanlal intro and climax lo vacche twist scene matram next level untayi.

8. Samantha Intro Scene in Majili

MajiliMajili lo interval bang ki mundhu hero introduction level lo vacche Samantha introduction scene and Thaman anna BGM top notch assala.


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