8 Food Items That We Enjoy Best During Monsoon


The word monsoon itself brings a broad smile on our faces, this season has a specialty of food items that we enjoy best in this season. Amidst the drizzles and coldness in the evenings, we tend to go out for some snacks. Just a look back at what we usually have and enjoy the best during this season.

During this season, try taking a trip on these items

PANNER DOSA1 PANNER-DOSAWe get the best Panners dosas at Pragathi gully. Over layered with extra panner, though a lot of calories, it’s okay to have it once in a while.

NILLOUFER TEA2-NILLOUFER-TEAOne of the most busiest cafe centres in Hyderabad, you get to taste the authentic Irani chai here.

PARADISE BIRYANI3-PARADISE-BIRYANIA steaming hot biryani in this cold is just a delight.

STEAMED MAAKA JONNA KANKI4-STEAMED-MAAKA-JONNA-KANKIYou could possibly have it while taking a walk back home.

PAKODA & SAMOSA5-PAKODA-&-SAMOSAJust tell your mom, and she will bring a plate for you as you listen to some music in the balcony.

CHAAT AT SINDHI COLONY6-CHAAT-AT-SINDHI-COLONYTry stepping out in the rain, it will be fun. And if you are stepping out, Sindhi colony is one place for you have some great chaat.

HOT SOUP7-HOT-SOUPOr maybe a cup of hot soup would do as you sit down watching some evening TV after a tedious work.

MAGGI8-MAGGIThis one is especially for the bachelors out there. It’s just take 2 minutes of your time and the all time bachelor’s favourite snack, Maggi is ready.