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8 Health benefits of Saunf, also called Fennel Seeds


This is an aromatic herb that is widely consumed in India. Sometimes at houses and everytime at hotels, after every meal we have a spoonful ot 2 of saunf and then feel complete. It has a uniquely sweet taste and is also very nutritious.

Here are some reasons why saunf is very beneficial to us

1. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants that help us fight certain diseases that attack us later in life.

2. Fennel seeds contain a good amount of dietary fiber that is essential for the body. The fiber content helps improve digestion in the body, by facilitating timely breaking down of food molecules that make energy reactions possible.

3. It is a great mouth freshener and contains several aromatic oils that help get rid of bad odour from the mouth and aids in increasing the amount of saliva secreted in your mouth, which in turn washes away any food particles in your mouth and kick-starts the digestion process.

4. Helps relieve women from menstrual pain. Boil a tablespoon full of saunf in some water. Allow it to boil till the water changes colour and then strain out the decoction. Have this warm for effective relief from menstrual pain.

5. Saunf is a very rich source of manganese. This mineral is used by your body as a co-factor to produce the powerful anti-oxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase — making fennel seeds perfect to beat and prevent what causes cancer.

6. They are heavily packed with iron and histidine which is great for blood and hence increase hemoglobin.

7. They also help in improving our metabolism and in turn help us in weight loss.

8. They help control blood pressure when chewed after meals.

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