8 Indian Cricketers Who Hold High-Ranking Government Jobs

The government has rewarded many talented Indian cricketers by appointing them to prestigious posts for their contribution to Indian Cricket team. Many might not know, but several renowned cricketers in India hold top jobs in the government organizations. Today we present you the list of Indian cricketers, who hold the top level government jobs.

1. Joginder Sharma – Deputy Commissioner of Police, Haryana

Joginder Sharma is remembered for bowling in the final over of the ICC T20 World Cup final. After his match-winning performance in the World Cup, Haryana Police gave him a job in his department.

2. Harbhajan Singh – Deputy Superintendent of Police, Punjab

One of the greatest spinners that has ever played the game. He has been appointed as Deputy Superintendent by Punjab Police as a reward for his services to the Indian Cricket team.

3. Kapil Dev – Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Army

The first Indian captain to win the World Cup. He became Lieutenant Colonel in 2008.

4. Sachin Tendulkar – IAF Honorary Group Captain

The greatest batsman to ever step in the cricket field and he is the first person to have awarded the high rank of Group Captain without previous aviation background.

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Army

The best captain in the world. He was awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Indian Army. Dhoni takes great pride in being Lieutenant Colonel.

6. Umesh Yadav – Assistant Manager, Reserve Bank of India

In 2017, He appointed to the post of Assistant Manager at Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur.

7. Yuzvendra Chahal – Inspector, Income Tax Department

The present spin wizard of Indian Cricket has been honoured by the Income Tax Department by appointing him to the post of Income Tax Officer.

8. K.L Rahul – Assistant Manager, Reserve Bank of India

One of the most talented batsmen in the present World Cricket. The Reserve Bank of India has given him the post of Assistant Manager.

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