8 Indian Restaurants Which Are Offering Huge Amount & Rewards For Eating These Foods

Kurchoni tinte kondalu aina karuguthayi…kani kurchon tinte dabbulu osthayi anedi epudaina vinnara? Avunu kurchoni tinte dabbulu istharu…adi kuda 50, 100 kadu thousands, lakhs lo tindi petti mari dabbulu vastunnaru adi kuda manchi restaurants lo. Avunu few Indian Restaurants are coming up with some crazy food challenges and vallu icche bulk food ni limited time lo finise chesthe they offering huge cash prize and other rewards.

Indulo mana Hyderabad nudni Delhi varaku unna some Indian restaurants and their food challenges ento oo sari chusi meelo unna foodie ki oka test petteyandi mari. Or mee foodie friend ni try cheyamani cheppandi…

1. 8.5 KG Bahubali Thali – 8 Lakhs Prize Money

Where: Ardor 2.1, a rooftop bar and multi-cuisine restaurant in Connaught Place, Delhi

8.5 KG unde ee Bahubali Thali Menu lo papdi chaat, roll papada, pickle, raita, salad, 6 drinks, 4 starters, 16 breads, 2 buckets of rice/ biryani, 12 main course dishes and gulab jamun untayi…Veg or Non veg options kuda itharu. Iddaru kalisi 40 mins lo complete chesthe vallaki 8 Lakhs prize money offer chestunnaru.

2. 12.5 KG Veg Thali – 2 Lakh Prize Money

Where: Kutumb Restaurant, Delhi NCR

India’s Largest Veg Thali comes with Paneer makhani, Veg Kolhapuri, Dal Bukhari, Soya Chap Curry, Lajawabi Chole, Matar paneer & 22-inch naan, missi roti, tandoori paratha, lacha paratha. Moving on to the desserts kheer, kulfi, two gulab jamuns and lassi untayi. Rs 1699 Thali ni 30 mins lo complete cheste 2 Lakh prize money offer chestunnaru.

3. Paratha Challenge – 1 KG Parata (3 Pieces) – Reward 5100 Cash & Parathas For Lifetime

Where: Tapasya Paratha Junction, Delhi-Rohtak Bypass Road

1KG unde 3 parathas ni 50 mins lo tinali…tinte Rs 5100 Cash tho patu & Parathas For Lifetime serve chestaru anta.

4. WTF Burger Challenge 1.6 Kg Burger – Rs 650 Burger Free If You Complete It In 15 Mins

Where: Burger Barn Cafe, Koregaon Park, Pune

Manam tine regular burger kante 10 times peddaga untadi stuffed with 6 different patties of chicken, sausage, and salami, and is topped with an egg. Ide 9 minutes lo complete chesthe free money em pay cheyalsina avasaram ledu.

5. Nagaland’s Fieriest & Spicy Chilli Eating Challenge – Rs 15,000, 20,000 & 25,000 Cash Prize

Where: Chilli Eating Challenge Competition – At Hornbill Festival, Nagaland

Nagaland ante spiciest chilli varieties ki landmark…ikkada pandinche mirchi lo okkati tinte anthe inka…and some quantity of chillies tinte 15,000, 20,000 & 25,000 Cash Prize istaru.

6. 1.8 KG Monster Burger – Free & Rs 5000 If You Complete It In 10 Mins

Where: Burgasm, Banjara Hills

1.8 KG burger with heavy chicken patties and huge buns as base and on top of the burger ni 10 mins lo complete chesthe 5ooo cash prize and burger kuda free.

7. 12 Spicy chicken drumsticks, 2 buckets of fries, 1 mini baguette and a pitcher of beer – in 20 minutes

Where: Biere Club, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

Paina cheppinavanni complete chesthe free ga istaru along with some goodies.

8. Rs 10,000 (8 Kgs) Worth Mandi Challenge – Free If You Completer It In 45 Minutes (2 PPL)

Where: Azebo Mandi, Tolichowki, Hyderabad

Mana Hyderabad, Tolichowki lo unna Azebo Mandi restaurant vallu Rs 10,000 worth Mandi comes with Full Goat, Chicken sides, fish sides, kebabs and drinks tho patu kalipi 8 KG untadi ee Mandi. Idi iddaru kalisi 45 mins lo complete chesthe meeru pay cheyalsina avasaram ledu.

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