8 Life Lessons We All Should Learn From The Little Master


Sachin is the God of not just a sport, but also of humanity and thoughtfulness. He has never failed to inspire everyone throughout the world with his actions. Be it his rivals, everyone loves him.

Here are a few life lessons that Sachin has taught us.

1. Humbleness1.-Sachin-HumblenessHe has got everything that this world can offer. But the way he carries himself in any crowd with a lot of modesty is just inspiring.

2. Inspire everyone2.-Inspire-everyone.Mathew Hayden once said, “I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India.” He has not failed a bit to be motivating anyone in this world.

3. Calmness3.-CalmnessSachin is rarely found throwing tantrums on field. He manages to never lose his cool and get into trouble for wrong reasons.

4. Be Passionate4.-Be-PassionateHis passion and zeal for the game is shown in the records he has made and broken so far.

5. Discipline5.-DisciplineEvery cricket board has a set of rules and also fines for flouting the conduct. Sachin has never paid a single fine throughout his career.

6. Nobody is perfect. Embrace what you are good at.6.-Nobody-is-perfect.He wasn’t successful at captaincy. But that did let him put down his other skills.

7. Hardwork7.-HardworkSachin is never found skipping a practice session training camps in his entire career.

8. Dedication8.-DedicationThere can be no better example than Sachin to know about dedication. He did not stop his game when his father passed away, he played cricket the very next day too.