8 Little things that make friendship truly worth it


Friendship anedi actually easiest and hardest relation at a time. Anni baga unnay anukondi it is literally a blessing. Ee konchem theda vachina evariki bagundadu. There are lot of things that make friendship reliable, andulo ivi konni.
1.Reliability. Obviously, chinnapati nundi vintune unnam kada, a friend in a need is a friend in deed ani. We should always be there for our friends when they need us the most.friendship2.No matter what come, honestly lo mathram compromise undakudadu. Ee relationship ayna trust lekapothe survive avvadu avvaledu.friendship3.Friend kada ani vaallu em chesina ok antu undakudadu. You should always show them the right way.friendship4.Friends madhyalo judgment ki place undadu, undakudadu. There should always be a safe space.friendship5.Oke oorilo undatledu kabatti time spend cheyalekapothunnam, touch lo undalekapothunnam ane silly excuses ki asalu place undakudadu. Distance never matters between friends.friendship6.Friends mana second family. And best part ento thelusa, we choose them. We love them only because we want to.friendship7.Manaki theliyakundane we get an extra set of parents. Mana friends parents kuda slow ga mana parents aypothuntaru. friendship8.Situation edaina kani, you will never be alone and that is a feeling to feel blessed about. friendship