8 Live Bands From Our City Who Will Make You Fly High With Their Music

Telugu people ki music antey oka emotion, it’s a part of every individual in their life. People like movie buffs addicted to music, some people love Bollywood music, and some people go gaga over international pop music and musicians.

But when it comes to Hyderabadi teen and young aged youth adopted western pub culture. City lo jargutunna Sunburn and other music events ki mana vallu chala addict aipoyyaru. Not only sunburn like events but nowadays we can see pubs lo live bands performances common aipoyyayi. Ippudu only tama favourite live bands performances kosamey wait chesthu weekends chill ga enjoy chesey la plan cheskuntunnaru.

City lo unna famous pubs ippudu ee live bands dates kosam wait chesthu pub audience ni engage cheyadaniki try chesthunnaru. So city lo unna famous live bands and jammers list lo evearevaru unnaro chuseddam.

1. Threeory Band

One of the popular bands in Hyderabad, people go crazy when they are performing. Especially AR Rehman Roja and other masterpieces ni ee band violinist Parasa DattaSai play chestuntey we can experience goosebumps.

Band Members
Syntyche Mongro – Vocals
Mark Talur – keys
Senti along – Guitars
Parsa Dattasai – Violin
Tarun Vishal – Drums

2. The Playmores Band

Rinky Sharma, lead vocalist and guitarist in the band. A band is known for its Grunge, Sufi, Commercial, Bollywood hit numbers like Roop Tera Mastana. The band gives us rock, pop with desi fusion experience in their own style.

Band Members
Rinky – Vocals and Guitar
Sai – Drums
Praveen – Lead Guitar
Chaitanya – Keyboard and Bass

3. Capricio – Indian’s First Retro Regional.

Very own Telugu local boys band originated in the city. Pubs lo music antey EDM, ROCk, POP anna stereotype ni break chesthu villu Telugu movies hit tracks tho villu chesthunna fusion ki pub audience and general youth kuda baga connect avthunnaru. Simply their fusions are out of a box.

Band Members
Vocals – Eknath Kiran
Guitar – Sam
Percussions – Sai Teja
Keys – Shravan pakalapati

4. Eagle Riders Band

Eagle Riders is a contemporary rock band from Hyderabad. The band sets out to portray love, kindness and peace through the talents and the tool of music. Ee band music mostly plays rock and metal fusion, as they have influence from Metallica, Maiden, Pink Floyd, Mr.Big, Whitecross, Stryper etc.

Band Members
PRAVEEN-Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
SUNEIL-Lead Guitar

5. The TAPES

The Tapes are a Post Grunge/Indie Rock Band from Hyderabad. This band has performed as both headliners and opening act at numerous venues such as HRC Hyderabad, HRC Pune, High Spirits Pune, Heart Cup Hyderabad, Indigo Bangalore and multiple other venues across India.

Band Members
Abhay Krishna – Bass
Saurav Tyagi – Guitars
Chaitu Maddikayala – Guitars
Sri Hari C – Drums
Pranav Kumar – Vocals

6. Tribal and Joe

Richard Madella (bass), Joel Joseph (drums), Benhur Molgeri (guitar), Edla Emmanuel (vocals) four men band are used to perform at churches, are now performing at clubs and pubs in the city. Particular ga rock and fusion ni FUNK style lo present chestuntaru ee band.

7. Microtone

One of oldest band originated in our city, formed 7 years ago. This band has its unique niche in the Indian rock scene, fusing rock with funk to give an uplifting style of rock.

Band Members
Anupam B – Guitars, Keyboards and vocals
Neehar C – Guitars
Himank D – Drums
Akshay K – Bass / Backing Vocals

8. Jammers

Jammers is an emerging band which performs Telugu and Hindi Classics. Including old and new songs which have left a great impact on the minds of music lovers. krishna Tejasvi is the known singer playing a key role as a vocalist in this band.

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