8 Major Highlights From Mukesh Ambani’s ‘Jio Fiber’ That Will Change Our Lives

Indian Mobile Networking gurinchi matladithe before Jio after Jio ani matladukovali vasthadi. Enduku ante ‘JIO’ services dwara Mukesh Ambani & Co mana country lo tecchina revolution alantidi mari. Common man ki saripada recharge fares… buffering lekunda videos, high speed internet tho okkasariga Mobile Network tho ordinary people ki oka pedda varam ichadu mana Mukesh Ambani mama.

Ika ippudu manam Ambani Mama common man ki inko varam tho munduku vacchadu. Aa varam pere ‘Jio Fiber’ ninna jarigina AGM Reliance 42nd anniversary lo ee new Broadband, DTH & other services ni announce chesaru son Akash & daughter Isha.

Amabani’s announce chesina ee ‘Jio Fiber’ country lo broadband & DTH services lo game changer ani chepocchu. Enduku emiti? Anedi teliyali ante ee kinda major highlights cahadivithe meeke oka idea vastundi.

Jio Fiber is going to launch and start services from September 5th. And how it is going to change our lives and face of India ante…!

1. Jio Fiber Welcome Offer – HD TV o $K LED TV, Freee Freee Freee!

Jio Fiber

If users ‘Jio Fiber’ ni opt chesukuni Jio Welcome Offer for one-year subscription tisukunte you’ll get free FullHD TV or Home PC through annual subscription.

2. No need for separate broadband and DTH – Jio Fiber undi kada !

Jio Fiber

‘Jio Fiber’ connection okati tesukunte chalu indulone internet broadband and DTH (cable TV) rendu vasthayi. Basic plan will start at 100 Mbps and go up to 1 Gbps. Jio Fiber plans will be priced between Rs 700 and Rs 10,000 per month.

3. RIP to all broadband services and their plans

Jio Fiber

700 Rs basic plan tho start aiyye ‘Jio Fiber’ data plan speed 100 Mbps untundi. Ika top end plan aithe Rs. 10,000 with the speed of 1GBps and unlimited downloading. (US and UK lanti developed nations lo average internet speed is only 90 MBps)

4. HD Channels with 4K set-up-box and internet with a single connection

Jio Fiber
If users single line ‘Jio Fiber’ connection opt chesukunte…4K Setup box vastundi so anni channels HD lo vasthayi. Okate connection tho multi services and HD or 4k LED television and 4k set-top box for free anamata.

5. Cheap Local and International Voice Calling through ‘Jio Fiber’

Jio Fiber

US and Canada lo unna relatives, friends tho matladali ante international calls fares o range lo untayi. But Jio is bringing down the cost of local and International voice calls by subsidising rates which is just ?500/month which will offer offer unlimited ISD calling to US, Canada

6. Multi services – Ultra HD entertainment, VR content, Multi-party video conferencing.

Jio Fiber

Jio Fiber set-up-box dwara Ultra HD entertainment, VR content, Multi-party video conferencing, Voice-enabled virtual assistants, home security, some smart home solutions and interactive gaming ila market lo unna services different services annitiki one stop solution.

7. Amazon, Netflix, and Zee lanti services ki okate subscription

Jio Fiber

Prime ki oka subscription, Netflix ki oka subscription, ila different..different streaming platforms anni kakunda one subscription tho annitiki switch aiyyi entertainment option ni kuda Jio Fiber dwara introduce chestunattu Ambani mama. (Nijanga nuvvu devuduvi sami)

8. Release movies at home – Jio ‘First Day First Show’ Offer!

Jio Fiber

Ee offer aithe the baap of all offers and game changer in India ani chepocchu. Through ‘Disruptive Concept’ Ambani is going to start Jio ‘First Day First Show’ Offer. Ee offer entante ika nundi theatre lo release aina movies anni ee offer dwara intlone chudocchu by paying some bucks. Ika movie tickets, popcorn kastalu, family andarini vesukuni weekends ki velle kastalu anni dooram anamata. ( Idi Mid -2020 lo launch ayye chances unnayi).

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