8 Most Popular Chinese Foods Which We Indians Have Made Our Home Foods

Intlo amma ledu akalestundi edaina tinali ani thought vasthe biryani taruvatha most of us prefer to eat entante andaru Indians unanimous ga cheppedi fast food eh. Within fraction of seconds lo noodles, fried rice, and manchuria lanti chinese items ante mana Indians koseskuntaru.

Peru ke chinese food kani chinese people kante kuda manavalle ekkuva istanga tintaru konni fast foods like from fried rice to manchurian. Mana Indians ekkuvaga istange tine konni chinese foods ento once chuseddam…

1. Chow Mein Noodles:

Annama tini tini bore kottina prathi sari mana vallu prefer chese quick and easy chinese food is noodles. Adi veg, egg or chicken noodles whatever kani noodles ippudu mana life lo part.

2. Fried Rice:

Intlo white rice migilipoina… ala bayataki vellina mana Indians ekkuva istanga prefer chestunna food fried rice.

3. Chilli chicken:

Evening snack la prathi mandhu sitting lo Indians menu lo unde coom food lo Chilli Chicken pakka untadi. Starter or munching ani theda lekunda full tintaru ee food.

4. Sweet Corn Soup:

Not only in Indian but even Asian, Arabian and Western countries lo kuda idi mandatory chinese food aipoindi. Intlo and restaurants lo buffets and dinners ki mundu ee chinese recipe ki unna demand eh veru.

5. Hakka Noodles:

Boiled chow mein noodles tho compare chesthe ivi konchem different. Soft noodles ani kuda pilche ee hakka noodles are cooked by tossing and frying the noodles.

6. Dim Sum

Idi almost momos ki cousin food ani chepocchu, kakapothe pakka chinese food. Teatime lo snacks la ee chinese dish ki mana Indian lo chala popularity undi.

7. Darsaan

Ekkuva vini undaru tini undaru kani idi traditional Chinese dessert. Darsaan is made with Deep fried flat noodles tossed in a delicious honey syrup, combined with some roasted sesame seeds.

8. Spring Roll

How many of you know that Spring Roll (chun juan) is a traditional chinese appetizer dish ani. Mostly telisi undadu kani idi nijam..Indian lone kakunda world mottham popular aina super light, crispy and tender vegetarian appetizer mana chinese spring rolls.

Mari ee popular chinese foods lo mee favourite enti anedi comments lo cheppandi.

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