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8 Of The Most Expensive Dishes Served In India


Indian ni one of the most famous place for food ani antaru. India lo prathi oka 10 members lo minimum 8 member hardcore foodies untaru. Ee foodies Desham lo unna prathi oka street food nunchi five-star hotels varaku anni food dishes inka famous cuisines try chesi untaru. Kani foodies did you ever try India’s most expensive dishes? This sounds something different kada so let’s just go have a look at these dishes.

Pizza – Qube, The Leela Palace, Delhi:

Delhi lo unaa ee five-star hotel lo e special pizza dorukuthundi, ee pizza most expensive lobsters toppings inka grey goose vodka tho serve chestharu. Ee pizza ni special ga chef ye mana table degaraki serve chestharu.

Gold plated dosa, Rajbhog, Bangalore:

Regular ga Rs. 30 dosa leda max Rs. 70 dosa plain inka masala dosa ni try chesi untaru, but did you ever try 24k gold wafer tho chesina Rs. 1100 per plate gold dosa ?? Yes meeru chusindey correct ye 1100 rs oka dosa. Ee dosa ni silver plate pyna serve chestharu.

Lamb, Vetro-Oberoi:

ee special lamb platter ni most expensive ingredients tho prepare chestharu. This platter cost you around Rs 4000? Etha amount oka dish kosam will you spend.

Grilled Pork Chop – Yuuka, St.Regis, Palladium:

Ee place oka plate grilled port chop minimum Rs 2250 untundi.

Butter Chicken – Anaarkali, Hyderabad:

ee tempting chicken dish ni most expensive spring water inka expensive ingredients tho chestharu. Ee dish perfect ga ravali ani almost 8 years patindi. Ee butter chicken is Rs 6000.

Peking Duck – CHI NI, New Delhi:

ee restaurant lavish dining setup ki chala famous. Eekada dorikey Peking Duck dish Rs 5,200.

Chef’s Studio by Taj, Mumbai:

personalised inka customised dining experience kosam try cheyali antey you should try this place. Ee place meeru order chesina food ni live ga attached kitchen nunchi chudochu. Eekada one meal for two will cost your around 1.5 Lakhs.

Wasabi at Taj, Delhi:

japanese cuisine tries cheyali inka adi kuda oka style cheyali antey you should go to this place. Ee nine-course meal or chef’s tasting menu meeku Rs 20000 cost avuthundi.

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