8 Places We Cannot Wait To Visit Once The Lockdown Ends!

Biryanis, Pizzas, Shawarmas we all love eating these foods. But, the current scenarios and lockdown has kept us away from our favourite foods and favourite places. While it is the safest to stay home and not order in food, there is no wrong in dreaming about our favourite hangout spots, right?
So, here are 8 places in Hyderabad that we cannot wait to visit when all this is over.

1.Subhan Bakery

1 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownSubhan Bakery is legendary and has been operating in the city for 100 years now. Located in Nampally, this place is everyone’s favourite. The place is extremely famous for their Osmania biscuits, jam biscuits and plum cakes. We cannot wait to get back here and have a garma garam chai and our favourite cookies.

2.Nimrah Café And Bakery

2 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownNimrah is iconic for many reasons. And, the whole of Hyderabad loves sipping their hot Irani chai right infront of Charminar. Their Osmania biscuits, Rusk Toast, Cream buns are all super famous and are priced at unbelievably cheap prices. All their cookies and biscuits are priced under INR 10. Great chai, tasty biscuits and a beautiful view, what more can we ask for?


3 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownVisiting Chichas atleast once during the Ramzan season has become a ritual now, right? Their Assorted Kebabs Platter, Patthar Ka Ghosht, and Biryanis are some of the best you can find in the city. And, since we cannot visit this place this Ramadan, we cannot wait to get back to place and treat ourselves to a scrumptious bowl of Nalli Gosht.

4.Kathamandu Momos

4 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownIf you are a momo lover, then you ought to visit this place sometime. Their veg momos and chicken momos are one of the best in the city. And the chutney? Our mouths are watering just by the thought of it. The options here are sure limited, but for what it is, the place is totally worth it.


5 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownTalk of breakfast places and this place pops up in our heads. With several outlets across the city, Chutneys is a place-to-be. They have massive options when it comes to breakfast and are super popular too. We cannot wait to get back here and devour on some Guntur Idly, MLA Pesarattu, Ghee Kharam Dosa with a steaming-hot cup of Filter Coffee.

6.Hotel Shadab

6 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownLocated in Ghansi Bazaar, Hotel Shadab is an all-time favourite place for biryanis. Not just their biryanis, but the place is also known for their varied range of assorted kebabs. They are also home to several local mutton delicacies. But the star is their special biryanis with Mirchi ka Salan. We are so craving for it right now.

7.Meridian Café and Restaurant

7 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownMeridian for over years has been consistently delivering great food. Located in Panjagutta, the locals rave about their food in general and biryanis in particular. And, when the lockdown ends, you must visit this place and their food. We are sure you will keep going back to this place over and over again.

8.Shalimar Tiffins and Snacks

8 8 Favourites Of Hyderabad To Visit After The LockdownShalimar located in Rani Gunj is one of a kind in the city. They have defined street food for us and how. If you have never been to this place or heard of it, then you must visit it right once the lockdown ends. They are super famous for their vegetarian burgers and their superstar being the Tawa Premium Burger also known as the Sunny Leone Burger. A must-visit this place is.

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