8 Pleasing Gestures This WC Which Are Proof That ‘Cricket Is A Gentleman’s Game’

10 teams 45 days, 48 matches and finally Cricket World Cup 2019 ended up with huge drama in the final match. Cup kosam England -New Zealand madhya tough war jarigina last ki dramatic way lo England gelichi First World Cup ni lift chesindi.

Umpiring mistakes, players madhya fights, India- Pak, Australia- Eng lanti teams madhya rivalry entha unna kondaru players, konni teams other teams and other players ki icchina gestures matram heartwarming ani chepocchu.

Yes, ee world cup lo Virat nundi Kane Williamson varaku some heartwarming gestures and moments is proof that cricket is a Gentleman’s Game.

1. Pakistani fan singing Indian National Anthem during India vs Pak match!

2. New zealand players gesture towards Brathwaite after 101 score and lost the match.

NZ players

163-6, Score daggara 6th down lo vacchina West Indies player Brathwaite 101 runs kottadu. 48th over lo 9 wickets undaga Brathwaite sixer ki try chesadu but Neeham took at boundary. Anthe Brathwaite collapsed at that time but all new New Zealand players consoled windies player is the best thing in the tournament.

3. Kane Williamson gesture towards Rashid Khan after bouncing delivery from Ferguson.

Kane Williamson

NZ vs AFG match lo Ferguson vesina baounce ki Rashid ki gattiga takindi. Rashid seems a little uncomfortable at the crease ventane Williamson went to him and asked is everything okay?

4. Virat Kohli gesture towards Steve Smith

India and Australia madhya jarugutundhi, stands lo unna players kondaru Virat Kohli batting chestunna time lo ‘Cheater, Cheater’ ani arusthunnaru. Idi vinna mana Captain Virat Kohli crowd side chusthu don’t say please encourage him antu crowd ni request chesadu. Such a sweet gesture from Kohli kada. 

5. Rohit Sharma gesture towards Ravindra Jadeja by saying ‘You Are Strong’

Rohit Sharma

Semis lo New Zealand meedha Jadeja innings one of the best innings and half-century chesina Jaddu ni chusi Rohit chesina ‘You Are Strong’ gesture in this World Cup.

6. Virat Kohli sweet gesture towards 87 years old lady fan Charulatha Patel.

Virat Kohli

India vs Bangladesh jaruguthunna time lo 87 years old lady fan stadium and country attention grab chesindi. Yes, Cahrulatha Patel ane old lady fan mana andaritho patu Team India captain Virat Kohli ni kuda ascharya parichindi. Anduke match taruvatha he went to her hug her and koddi sepu matladadu kuda.

7. Kane Williamson smiling gesture and speech after the final.

Kane Williamson

Continuos ga two World Cups lo finala varaku vacchi odipothe eh team Captain aina upset and sad avtharu andi adi valla moham lo kanapadtundhi. Kani but not in case of Kane Wiliamson, yes instead of showing anger and sad reactions he answered everything with a smile on his face.

8. Last but not the least – England players consoling Guptill in the final match after Super Over.


Final match Super Over lo run out taruvatha Guptill runout aiyyi ground lo edusthunna time lo England players celebrate chesukovadam apesi Guptill ni console chesin aoka incident chalu cricket is true Gentleman game ani cheppadaniki.

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