8 Reasons why rajinikanth’s life is an inspiration to us

Ivala mana Thalaiva birthday. The never-aging superstar Rajinikanth turns 67 years today and it’s like a celebration to all his fans. Asalu Rajinikanth ni fans andaru oka demi-god laga treat chestaru, but ayana matram tana simplicity tho asalu birthday celebrations epudu chesukoru. So, today on his birthday, we are sharing the valuable life lessons that Rajinikanth taught us in life.
1. Sometimes it takes time to get successrajini kanth
 Success anedi epudu okka step lo raadu. You need to struggle a lot. Kontamandiki vallu anukunadi chala tondaraga dorikidi, but kontamandi chala time tesukuntadi. So, hardwork and dedication untey edi impossible kaadu ani manaku chepparu.
 Ayana movie journey start chesinapudu, first debut oka 15 minutes negative role chesaru, kaani ipudu Tamil industry ni rule chestunaru.
2. Simplicity rajini kanth
 Manam e position lo unna, one should always be simple. You know, Rajinikanth prefers to sleep on the set itself during breaks with a wet cloth on his eyes. And public appearance apudu kuda, with no make-up and wig, chala simple ga untaru and kanipistaru.
3. One should always open to learnrajini kanth
 Rajinikanth acting meda interest start ayaka, he joined the Madras Film Institute to learn more about films and a time lone he met director K Balachander. He asked Rajinikanth to learn Tamil for a role in his upcoming film. Even today, he openly says that he learned something from all the technicians who worked for his films.
4. One should stay strong in tough timesrajini kanth
 Rajinikanth, Baasha, Muthu lanti super hit movies ichaka Baba movie big disaster aindi. A time lo critics andaru, Rajinikanth phase apoyindi ani anukunaru. Then he came up with Chandramukhi after three years gap and oka sensation create chesaru.
5. Talk less and let your work speak for yourajini kanth
 Manam chustey, Rajinikanth chala rare ga interviews istaru and even promotions lo kuda ekuva kanipincharu, but aina movies super hit avtuntayi. That’s the power of Rajinikanth.
6. Age is just a number.6 - Energitic
67? Even e age lo kuda still looks energetic and on screen performance aitey chitakotestaru. So, age ni patinchukokunda epudu  young and energetic ga undali ani cheptunaru.
7. He laughs at his jokes 7 - Laughs
Manam chustey online lo Rajinikanth meda chala jokes untayi and he laugh at themselves and oka interview lo kuda cheparu, valla imagination ki tanaku baga navostundi ani.
8. One should spend something to the society8 - Fasting
In 2002, one day motam Rajinikanth nirahara deksha chesaru against the Karnataka Government’s decision not to release water from the river Kaveri into Tamil Nadu. Tarvata, he contributed Rs 10 lakh towards interlinking Indian rivers. 2008 lo kuda hunger strike lo participate chesaru. 2011 lo social activist Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement kosam he offered his marriage hall for free of cost for their stay.
Rajinikanth is always everyone’s inspiration. Happy Birthday, Sir!
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