8 Reasons Why We Want To Remain As Kids Forever


Without any doubt, the best time of our life-time for most of us would be childhood. As kids, we have no major pressures except going to school daily and in our own world of fantasies and minute demands, life seemed way simpler than what it might be now. We might be having money to compensate everything around us, but that also comes with lots of struggle. So, end of day somewhere in the corner of our minds we always have this fantasy constantly buzzing ‘wish I went back to my childhood’

And if you wondering why is that so, here are some reasons why it feels awesome to remain kids. And yes, we know that being adults we have our own advantages, but do we want to talk about it all now?

No issues with girlfriend in regards to marriage or settlement.kids foreverYour girlfriend is not going to pressurize you with job or marriage. The maximum she will pressurize you is with her homework or some petty gifts.

Can just play, play, play, eat, school, play, eat, play all time. kids forever

The most fun part of our childhood. Eat, play, sleep and repeat.

 No need to worry about yearly hike and bonus. kids foreverThe frustration around salary increments and yearly bonus are just out of question.

 You can never think of getting bored.kids foreverEven your fights with your friends and small time enemies are actually fun. When you feel bored, before anybody can tell you anything, you will find a way to entertain yourself.

 Everything will be simple in lifekids foreverThe word ‘complicated’ is something far from what you can imagine in your wildest dream. Everything is simple and easy in life.

 You can even get away by being the naughtiest personkids foreverWhatever mischief you do or create, you will always be defended by someone or the other. ‘Arey poni ra, chinna pillodu’ 

 You are always pamperedkids foreverPampering is always fun and there is no time in life you will be pampered as much as you are pampered in your childhood.