7 Simple tips to get richer


If you are born poor it is not your fault, but if you die poor it is your fault. Rich avvali ani andharku untadhi. If you are struggling and want to make money here are a few tips for you.

1.Do work that makes you happyrichMoney sampayichadaniki you must love doing the work. Meeru chese pani toh meery happy inka satisfactory ga leru ante you will never be able to get rich. If you are good and love taking photographs, go ahead and do it.

2.Success follows moneyrichRemember success follows the money, money doesn’t follow success. Mana first aim should be getting successful. Success pondhaka money automatically osthundhi.

3.Be aware of money-making optionsrichAndhariki promotions/ climbing the corporate ladder eh goal untundhi kaani you cannot make a single extra penny with it. Rich avvadaniki mee salary/earnings nu ekkada invest cheyacho ani thelusukovali. It may be real estate, shares, bonds or mutual funds.

4.Take opportunitiesrichThumb rule to getting rich is to dare. Money ni multiply cheyali ante dhanini ivest chesi, opportunities theesukune dharyam undali. This doesn’t mean you should invest blindly. Prospects ni analyze chesi dare cheyandi.

5.Be confidentrichMee plan of action em unna, you should be confident. Chuttu unna chala mandhi discourage cheyali ani try chestharu kaani if you have confidence you are good to go!

6.Control your money6 - controlControl your money, don’t let money control you. Appulu theerchadamu, mee first goal undali.

7.Be observant7 - observantSuccessful people ekuga maatladaru. Ekuga observant undi chuttupakka unnolu em matlaadtunnaro grasp cheyali, ala ne ideas peruguthaayi.