8 Struggles That Women With Long Nails Can Perfectly Relate To

Nails penchukovadam is easy eh, kani maintaining cheyadam is quite difficult. But, nails ni groom cheskoni ala nail polish pettukoni flaunt cheeyyadam la unde kick eh veru appa. Just ah flaunting kosam aina we women try to eat healthy food starting from milk to eggs. But, on a not so bright note, Women tend to struggle a lot with long nails and today we will look into some of the super annoying struggles women with Long Nails have to deal with.

1. Opening a Can of Soda

Vammo, idi kada asalaina task, ah soda bottle open cheyadam lo unde frustration is hard to explain.

2. Typing on Keyboard

If you are someone who texts and types often on keyboards, you relate to this kashtam even more. 

3. Fear of Any cream, moisturizer, or even dirt going into your nails

E kashtam untadhi asalu, devuda, cream theeskovalanna bhayam eh ekkada nails lo vellipotadhi emo ani. The hardest thing even more is trying hard to not let the dirt or something even more gross go into your nails.

4. Cutting Vegetables

This is yet another arduous task. The struggle and the patience we try to maintain while cutting vegetables is vere level.

5. Tring to put on a lens

Some girls are ready to give up the lens and wear glasses to avoid any accidents, while others risk it all and put up with the terrifying act. Ah dedication level ki oka pedda dhandam.

6. The disastrous relationship between nails and hair

Idhi inko mass struggle. The struggle is real when our nails try to collect hair like a comb.

7. Even the most simple things can be a thing of the past

Okkappudu pencil aina pen aina pattukovadam was pretty easy and now we might have to relearn how to hold a pen or pencil to write.

8. Buttoning your shirt

This is the next super annoying task. Buttoning and unbuttoning your shirts is one of the kashtamaina panulu.

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