8 Tasty Dishes In Hyderabad, Which You Find Nowhere Else

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu lo Prakash Raj dialogue gurtunda manusulantene manchollu ani, same alage Hyderabad antene chala special. Akada places and food chala special and konni items aitey Hyderabad lone dorukutayi. Inka cheppalante mana Hyderabadi food chala states popular. Even foreigners kuda Hyderabad antey first gurtochedi valaki Hyderabad Biryani. So, alanti must try foods chalane unayi. Check out the list of must try dishes in Hyderabad.

1. Mirchi Ka SalanDishes in hyderabadIdi Hyderabad popular classic dish annamata. Long, big green chillies spicy flavor deni taste ni next level ki tesukeltundi. We can eat this as a side dish with all kinds of Biryani and could be eaten with rice or chapatti as well.

2. Hyderabadi BiryaniDishes in hyderabad

Denigurinchi manam pratyekamga cheppanavasaram ledu. Ikada vachinatu a aromatic flavor ekada raadu and it is prepared specially with raw rice and raw meat are cooked together with exotic spices.

3. Hyderabadi MaragDishes in hyderabadIdi special Hyderabadi spicy mutton soup annamata. It is made with tender mutton attached to bones. It is usually served with roomali rotis as a starter.

4. HaleemDishes in hyderabad

It is an authentic and traditional Ramadan special dish that served in Hyderabad. It is an evening meal during iftar after fasting. Okkasari Hyderabadi haleem ni taste chestey asalu malli marchipoleru annamata.

5. Irani ChaiDishes in hyderabad

Like Biryani, Hyderabad is also popular for famous Irani Chai. This tea is different from other variants of tea prepared all over the world. This utterly delicious chai is best enjoyed with Osmania biscuits.

6. Keema SamosaDishes in hyderabad

Hyderabad lo manam katchitamga taste cheyalsina inko food item Keema Samosa. It is a delicious must have snack cooked with mutton keema, green peas and aloo.

7. NihariDishes in hyderabad

Idi breakfast dish ga tintaru Hyderabad lo. Idi Goat’s feet tho chestaru and winters lo idi ekuvaga tintaru. It is a stew with slow cooked mutton and a myriad of spices.

8. Qubani ka MeethaDishes in hyderabad

Idi Hyderabad special dessert annamata. This mouth-watering dessert is made from dried apricots. Idi Hyderabad lo e special gathering jarigina pakka undalsina sweet.

What’s your favorite among these?

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