8 Telugu Directors Who’ve Created A Niche With Their Unique Style Of Film Making


When you are a director, the only thing that sets you apart from others is your style of making a cinema. The stories you pick, the screenplay you adapt is directly proportionate to the niche you create for yourself.

If you keep the biggies like Rajamouli, Puri Jagannadh, VV Vinayak aside, there are a set of directors who actually posses a far better potential and have in due course of time created an impact on the audiences with their kind of cinema. Let me take you through those directors.

Deva KattadirectorsA director whose movies address human emotions in the right way with some hard hitting realistic dialogues.

Chandrashekar YeletidirectorsBy far, a director who is many classes apart from rest of the lot. His screenplay only gets you engrossed in his suspense dramas.

Mohankrishna Indragantidirectors

A well-learned post graduate in the field of art, Mohan Krishna Indraganti already proved his worth with a National Award for his film. His movies have a flavor of their own.

Ravi Babudirectors

We all know how unique his presentation is. From the rolling titles to the props he uses in his movies, every detail is given it’s due attention from the director.


A person who shows you some reality towards leading a meaningful life. His movies have always carried elements around humanity

Shekar Kammuladirectors

A pro in handling wafer-thin plots and keeping the audience glued to watching his movies like they watch any random


Suspense thrillers and dramas are the best Neelakanta can work around with and also he received critical applaud for his work in Telugu films, especially with Missamma.

Teja8 - teja

Teja had his rebellious style of fighting back with issues the youth generally face. Though a little off beat, it kinda keeps the emotional quotient alive.