8 Things every 25 year old and well settled woman will relate to


Ammaylaki chinnapudu nunchi chaduvu chaduvu ani chepthu untaru. Ade baaga chadivesi chaala dreams ni petkunnapudu.. pelli chesko inka chadvu odhu antaru. chaala kashta padi 25 years ochesarki come of them remain independent and ambitious while the rest are married happily. This is no offence to those girls who seek marriage. Every choice is a great one.
Here is what such girls will relate to.

1. Intlo 21 ke pelli pelli antaru ade 25 ante food time, sleep time, dreaming time or office time lo kuda pelli tappa inko topic undadu intlo.1.Intlo 21 ke pelli pelli
2. Some of them are worried manaki salary ekva osthe pelli evaru cheskoru ani.2. Some of them are worried
3. Mana opinions ni we intend to put andari mundu clear ga. No one can mess up with us.3. Mana opinions ni we intend4. 25 years and independence definite ga life gurinchi chaala nerpi untadi. So we are not those people who get convinced easily.4. 25 years and independence
5. Edaina pelli ki or function ki elthe, andaru mana pelli tappa inkoti pattinchkoru.5. Edaina pelli ki change
6. Some of them are only worried that no one will get ready to marry us if we keep working.6. Some of them are only
7. When we go out mana cousins or friends tho we would love to pay for ourselves kani ala chesthe chaala vichitranga chustharu.7. When we go out mana cousins
8. Solo trip ki plans keep going on. Intlo ok ane word kosame waiting.8. Solo trip ki plans keep