8 Things That Prove Dating An Older Guy Is Always Better


Mana Tollywood lo chustuntam, there is a huge age difference between hero and heroine. Real life lo kuda, chala mandi sportspersons, and actors age lo valakante peddavalani or chala chinnavallani marriage cheskunaru. One should accept that there is something special in dating a guy who is a few years older than you. Check out this article.

1. He never gets tired of pampering you.1.-He-never-gets-tiredHe treats us like a kid and pampers us all the time.

2. He will help calm you down.2.-He-will-help-calm-you-downIf you are short-tempered, then he is the one, who will help you to calm down. Konni sarlu manam kopamlo enta arichina, he won’t take it to heart.

3. He will be patient.3.-He-will-be-patientIt is true, manaki patience levels chala takkuva. But he always listen to our rants, eventhough they doesn’t make any sense.

4. Best adviser.4.-Best-adviserManam edanna trouble lo unte, no one can give best advice than him.

5. He is strong and not confused.5.-He-is-strong-and-not-confusedTana chala clarity ga untadu. He is as sure about his life plans.

6. He will make you experience some unusual things and places.6.-He-will-make-you-experienceHe will share with you some unusual stories that you never heard off and take you to places, that are unexplored.

7. He is appreciative and critical at the same time.7.-He-is-appreciativeHe won’t shy away from telling you when you are being immature. He sounds like a complete package, right?

8. You feel confident and safe when you are with him.8.-You-feel-confident-and-safe-when-you-are-with-him.He makes you feel strong and safe. Forest lo kuda, you can live happily if you are with him.