8 Things You Relate To If You Are A Night Person


Since childhood, we are taught that early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy and wise. But what if you are a night person? Yes, you are one among them, who loves nights than days. You never want to waste precious nights by sleeping. Here, we are sharing some more things, that you can surely relate to if you are a night owl.

1. Your clock shows 12 PM as morning and 3 AM as night.1Night Person
2. Almost every night, you thought of watching just one episode of your favorite show, but unknowingly you complete half the season by morning.2Night Person
3. Every time, you feel guilty for not sleeping on time and waking up late.3Night Person
4. You get some creative and productive ideas during nights than during day hours.4Night Person
5. You know about all 24/7 cafes and restaurants in your city. And you have complete information, where you can get the best biryani in the midnight.5Night Person
6. During night outs, you hate it when your friends fall asleep early.6Night Person
7. You would love to go to the gym in the evenings rather than mornings.7Night Person
8. You are more in touch with your friends staying abroad because only they’re available to talk to at night when your other friends are asleep.8Night Person