8 Things You Relate To If You Are In Relationship With Biryani


Well, Biryani is everything for us. Manam badhallo unna, santhosham lo unna, one thing that will we care for is Biryani. It is not an exaggeration because only a person who’s in love with biryani only can understand this. Biryani is not just a food, it is an emotion. Here are 8 signs that you relate if you’re in a relationship with biryani:

1. You have quite a good knowledge about all varieties of Biryani. From Lucknowi, Hyderabadi, Calcutta, Ambur, Mughlai, Kashmiri to Afghani, you tasted all of them.1biryani

2. E restaurant ki vellina sare, the only question you want answered is ‘Do you have biryani?’2biryani

3. Me boss chetha tittinchukodam kaadu, exam lo fail avvadam kaadu, a bad biryani taste will definitely ruins your day.3biryani

4. For you, biryani is either chicken or mutton. Asalu veg biryani ni biryani Lage treat cheyyaku manam.4biryani

5. Your photo gallery or Instagram is completely filled with photos of delicious biryani.5biryani

6. You prefer to hangout with non vegetarians, because you don’t want to share your biryani.6biryani

7. Evaru aitey biryani no love chestaro, they are your best friends. You don’t like those who hate biryani.7biryani

8. Only you know the places in your city and sometimes across the country, where you can get best Biryani.8biryani