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8 Things you shouldn’t do on an empty stomach


Every night manam time dinner and every morning manam.chese breakfast between ki chaala time untadi. Hence, manaki aakali veyadam is common. Ala Ani empty stomach lo edi padithe adi tinakunda, it is important to know what you should be having.

1. Do not take tablets on an empty stomach. 2. Do not make coffee without milk, your first thing every morning. 3. Do not have alcohol. Empty stomach lo alcohol absorption rate chaa ekkuva untadi.
4. Do not chew gum. Deeni valla Mana stomach lining spoil authadi.5. Do not have chilled water or chilled products.6. Poddunne fun intense exercise cheyyakunda, it is important to have a walk for ten minutes.7. Do not drink citrus juices empty stomach meeda. Taagalani unte water tho dilute cheskoni taagandi.8. Empty stomach tho ekkuva conversation chesthe kuda adi argument laaga authadi. Instead share a warm drink with your partner and then go on to talking.

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