8 Things you will relate to if you are only daughter in your family


If you’re the only daughter in your family, then you are the center of attraction in your family. Konni sarlu we love it the most, but kani konnisarlu, we get slightly annoyed because of it. So, asalu family lo if you are the only daughter aitey, emem advantages oh and disadvantages oh chusedam.

1. Too much Pampering1.-Too-much-PamperingPampering gurinchi pratyekamga cheppala manam only daughter aitey. Atu parents, itu brothers ki maname younger daughter so inka a pampering verela untadi anukondi.

2. Super protective2.-Super-protectiveMe brothers andaru and your family are very protective about you. Evaranna mana vaipu chusina sare mana brothers hitler lo Chiranjeevi laga maripotaru.

3. There is no place for No3.-There-is-no-place-for-NoMeru emanna kavali antey asalu No ane samasye ledu. Epudo okasari No annasare, malli valle meku adigindi OK cheppestaru. Perks of being only daughter!

4. Your mom is your best friend4.-Your-mom-is-your-best-friendYes, she has always been the only other girl around you! So, automatic ga you both have a special bond.

5. Rakhi is your favorite festival5.-Rakhi-is-your-favorite-festivalThis is the best festival you know! Dabbule Dabbule. Papam brothers pocket money antha okka rojulone manam kottestam.

7. Official style guru for your entire family7.Official-style-guru-for-youMeru em chestey ade fashion. Em cheptey ade fashion. You are like the Priyanka Chopra of your family.

8. You will be the strongest!8.-You-will-be-the-strongest!Endukavam andi okkala iddara, chala mandi brothers untaru valato potladi, kottukuni physical ga and mental ga strong apotam.