8 Types of cricket fans in India


Cricket is less a sport and more a subject or a religion in the country. Anytime, anywhere, we all love watching cricket and yes there are just a very very few people who do not like watching it. aina kuda we turn on the tv and tune to the cricket channel. With India-Pal final coming up, here is our take on the cricket fans that we’ve seen.

1. The master. He knows everything in and out.1.-The-master
2. These people talk like they know everything, but do not know.2.-These-people-talk
3. Veellu doubts adigi adigi champestharu.3.-Veellu-doubts-adigi
4. Kondaru talk like vaalle daggara unde aadipincharu and are so upset if they do not play good.4.-Kondaru-talk-like-vaalle
5. India win aithe celebrate cheskuntaru fullll ga.5.-India-win-aithe
6. These people only watch India-Pak matches full fledged ga.6.-These-people-only-watch
7. Veellu India or any other country aina parledu. Matches chustune untaru.7.-Veellu-India
8. Oka 50 years mundi jarigina matches kuda happy happy ga chustuntaru.8.-Oka-50-years-mundi-jarigina