8 Types of Dancers We See In Every Indian Wedding


Well, weddings are something that we would love to attend. There is fun, food, music, gossips and chit-chatting, everything will be there. Along with these, every shaadi has different types of dancers. At some of them, we laugh, and we try to copy few others, but they are the one who provides you the wholesome entertainment during sangeet. Let’s have a look at these type of dancers, we see in every Indian wedding.

1. Ilayaraja and AR Rahman’s fan1.-Ilayaraja-and-AR-Rahman's-fanThey would love to dance to the tunes composed by Ilayaraja and AR Rahman. Even they copy the step correctly that showed in the film.

2. Attention Seeker2.-Attention-SeekerYes, sometimes there will be one and sometimes in a bunch. They never give you space on the dance floor to perform. They want everyone to have eyes on them.

3. The Drunk Dancer3.-The-Drunk-DancerWith sloppy moves and tempo faster than the DJ’s beats, this particular drunk dancer drags everyone’s eyeballs with his moves.

4. That Clueless Dancer4.-That-Clueless-DancerThis person doesn’t know the words to the songs or any steps but they are out to have fun, and that is their primary target.

5. The Much In Love Dancers5.-Retro-DancerIn every wedding, we find one particular couple, which sometimes irritates you the most with their too much PDA. They always appear hand in hand till the end of the wedding.

6. Retro Dancer6.-The-Drunk-DancerWhatever the song you play, this particular person just matches them to the retro steps. Trust me; no one will give entertainment as much as this person.

7. Shy Dancer7.-Shy-DancerWe find a shy dancer in every wedding. This person forced by his friends or family to dance, but he/she is not a good dancer. Ahh! That is the most awkward position we ever experience.

8. Girl Gang8.-Girl-GangMaybe bride or groom’s friends or cousins, we will find this particular girl group on the floor. These girls feel like a glam squad of the wedding. They know all eyes are on them and are enjoying the attention.