8 Ways To Reuse and Decorate Empty Beer or Wine Bottles


If you are a party person, then definitely you have so many empty beers or wine bottles at your place. Instead of throwing them away, use these DIY ideas to reuse them as decorative materials. Check out the list of ideas here.

Firstly you need to soak the bottles in soapy water for few minutes and remove the tags. Then pick up any of these ideas and apply.

1. Try to decorate bottle with washi tape to turn into a flower vase. 1DIY-Winebottle
2. Use glue to wrap twine or yarn from top to bottom. 2DIY-Winebottle
3. Create a lamp using the bottles for your bedroom.3DIY-Winebottle
4. Show your skills, by painting some intricate designs on the bottles with the help of nail polish. 4DIY-Winebottle
5. Make chalkboard bottles. You can write whatever you want and whenever you want. 5DIY-Winebottle
6. Use newspaper and your craft skill to create a paper vase. 6DIY-Winebottle
7. Once you’ve figured out how to cut bottles safely, experiment with the angle7DIY-Winebottle
8. Turn bottles into candle holders.8DIY-Winebottle