8 Ways To Surprise Your Mom On This Mother’s Day


One person on this earth, we are the reason for our very existence is none other than our mom. She compromises and sacrifices her happiness, dreams and time for us. As Mother’s Day is ahead, everyone is planning to surprise and make her feel special. So, here we are coming up with few surprises that you can give your mom on this Mother’s Day. Check them out:

1. Prepare a meal for her1.-Prepare-a-meal-for-herEither breakfast, lunch or dinner, make her favorite food and surprise her. Make sure she won’t know it before.

2. Plan a Movie Marathon2.-Plan-a-Movie-MarathonIn this busy world, we won’t get much time to spend time with her. At least on this Mother’s Day, plan a movie marathon at your place.

3. Take her out3.-Take-her-outUsually, we don’t go for dinners or outside regularly with mom. Then, what are you thinking? Get her to a place, which she always wanted to go with you.

4. Gift her a cute photo frame4.-Gift-her-a-cute-photo-frameTrust me; she will like it. Make sure to collect all her childhood pictures as well as yours. Give her a nostalgic feeling.

5. Create a Video Montage5.--Create-a-Video-MontageIf not photo frame, try this video montage. Collect all of your favorite family photos in digital form, and create a video slideshow and don’t forget to add her favourite songs in the background.

6. Complete the home decoration, that she aways wanted to do6.-Complete-the-home-decoration,-that-she-aways-wanted-to-doGive her a break on this Mother’s Day and complete the home decor project that she always dreamt of.

7. Plan a picnic or trip7.-Plan-a-picnic-or-tripIf you have sufficient time, then plan a trip with your mom and make it more memorable for her. Or else, go for a small picnic with her. She will love anyone of the both.

8. Write a handwritten letter to her8-Amma-Cheppindi---Sharwanand-and-SuhasiniHandwritten letters never go out of fashion. Sometimes, words will be the best way to express our love. Give it a try!