9 Bobby Deol facts that WON’T blow your mind


Bobby Deol has spent close to two decades in the industry and the entire industry recently got together to not give a single damn.

It’s strange how Bobby Deol got sidelined. I mean, compared to the present crop, he’s half decent. And yet, luck and the Box Office have been extremely brutal to the guy.


Aren’t you tired of all the ‘mind-blowing’ facts that sites serve up to you everyday?

Just a constant flush of ‘mind-blowing’ facts, ‘tear-jerking’ videos and ‘self-questioning’ statistics. Every day. Every site.

To ease off all the pressure, we decided to present you 9 Bobby Deol facts that WON’T blow your mind at all. Not a chance in the world they’ll blow your mind. You could sit through all of them and not feel a thing.

Just like watching ‘Aur Pyar Ho Gaya’.

So here we go.

Did that blow your mind? Huh? Thought so!

We could do this all day, I swear.

Because you know, who gives a damn?

Caught you by surprise there, didn’t we?

Life is tough, man.

Well, yeah.

You’ve got lots of time in life, bro!

May be you should try reading books, Bobby. May be you should.

Well, he never claimed to have set the Internet on fire.

Lots of love,



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