9 Films that are a combination of many stories to form 1 single movie


Usually movies lo there is one story and the entire movie revolves around that 1 story. But kondaru film makers show the same 1 story in the form of many different tiny stories when joined together at the end to form a single whole story. Here are alanti movies.

1. Chandamama Kathalu1. Chandamama Kathalu
2. Yuva2 Yuva
3. Vedam3.Vedam
4. Shamantakamani4 Shamanthakamani
5. Manamantha5. Manamantha
6. Express Raja6 Express Raja
7. Prema Ishq Kadhal7 Prema Ishq Kadhal
8. Journey8 Journey
9. Swamy Ra Ra9 Swamy Ra Ra