9 Foods that are high in cholesterol and is a big ‘ NO’ for consumption


Food is the most pleasing thing in the world and we all like cherishing food of all kinds. These varieties depend on place, occasion, person and taste. Yet, there are some kinds of food that we need to put a control over to manage our health. Cholesterol levels are something we need to check regularly. To help this out, there are certain foods that we need to keep in check and stop consuming in a larger quantity.

1. Butter1-butter
Butter is added to almost every dish that we eat outside home and is also used for a lot of things when we cook at home. This is one thing that contains a great amount of cholesterol and is advised to swap it with any other alternative.

2. Microwave popcorn2.-Microwave-popcorn
This is a very easy to make snack. If we have sudden friends at home, or some very interesting movie or sports match that we want to watch at home in pure leisure, we tend to have some chips or popcorn as snacks. But this snack is extremely high in butter, oil and salt. This definitely is something we need to keep in control.

3. Biscuits3-biscuits
Some baked goods can be a delightful snack but some of them have cholesterol rich ingredients in them. They can be filled with trans fats a result of the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils. Be smart while choosing your biscuits.

4. Fried Chicken4.-Fried-Chicken
It is crispy and tasty and we just run to some outlet and order this when we are extremely hungry. But this dish is packed with extremely a lot of cholesterol. So next time you are hungry, opt for a healthier chicken variety.

5. French fries5.-French-fries
They contain a lot of hydrogenated vegetable oil and hence is a house to a lot of cholesterol. Hence it is best when avoided.

6. Ice cream6-Ice-cream
One single scoop of ice cream contains higher cholesterol than a lot of other items. They are treated with a lot of vegetable oils and dalda to keep them frozen.

7. Egg Yolk7.-Egg-Yolk
This is tasty and yet is pretty not good for health due to the presence of high cholesterol.

8. Pasteries and muffins8-Pastries-and-muffins
These processed foods contain high amounts of fat including trans-fats.

9. Deep fried food items9.-Deep-fried-food-items
Deep fried at home is ok to consume at times. But deep friend food outside is not at all good since the oil they use is heated continuously to high temperatures which is bad for our health.