9 Inexpensive And Best Shopping Places In Hyderabad


Hyderabad is a city that can accommodate people of all kinds irrespective of their class, religion and race. Uttha accommodation eh kadu… hyderabadis can enjoy food, clothing, luxury and everything too that come in various packages. Kondarki oka feeling untadi, cheap and best ani. Kondarki expensive and exclusive ani. Cheap and best lo konadam is very advantageous. So ala think chese vaalla kosam, here are a few places you might want to shop.
1.Charminar Bazaarshopping places in hyderabadPearl jewellery, bangles, chudidhars, sarees, earrings and every other accessory that you name you will find here. Not just for the ladies, vaalla kids and husbands ki kuda ikkada chaala dorkuthay.
Chor Bazaarshopping places in hyderabadEe bazaar ki inko peru, Jummeraat which means a Friday Evening. Akkada locate aina bridge daggara every Thursday night oka market pedtharu. Ee market lo you find everything that a person might need. Sports kits, jewellery, hardware and many many more.
Chudi Bazaarshopping places in hyderabadAs the name suggests, this place is known for the various kinds of bangles that you would want to wear for weddings or parties or casual evenings. Ikkada bangles 10 rupees ki kuda dorkuthay and 500 rupees ki kuda mana requirement batti.
Abids Book Bazaarshopping places in hyderabadEe book bazaar Abids lo every Sunday pedtharu and akkada mostly second hand books that are original pedtharu. Konadam ee kakunda mana daggara unde paatha books kuda ammutharu.
General Bazaarshopping places in hyderabadAs the name suggests, ee bazaar is a very very huge one. Ikkada anni rakalu dorthay. From pujas to parties, from education to clothing, from food to cosmetics, ikkada annni dorthay in budgets suitable for one and all.
Mozzamjahi Marketshopping places in hyderabadThis market is famous for its fruits. Ikkada groceries, earthenware kuda dorthay. Ipudu aithe this place is famous for its famous icecream!
Shilparamamshopping places in hyderabadThis place is for the lovers of art and craft. Ikkada throughout the year sellers pette stalls lo beautiful artifacts, such as pottery, ceramic ware and many more, dorkthay that make our homes beautiful. Apart from arts, ikkada chaala rakarakalu sarees and material kuda dorkthay.
Begum Bazaar8 - begumThis is the biggest market space in the city. Household, wedding wear, hardware, groceries, artifacts, accessories, everyday clothing, bangles, toys, gifts and many many many more.
Ikkadki velle tappud matram first timers tappipokunda chuskondi.
Sultan Bazaar, Koti9 - sultan bazar
For some women fashion wear, ikkada dorike types of dresses and materials city lo ekkada dorkavu. You can buy a stitched dress or you can design it with other stores that sell you materials and laces.