9 interesting things about the latest Adiga Adiga’s voice


Few singers just match themselves to the song, lyrics, tune and the timing so well that aa songs entha vinte antha bauntadi anpisthadi. Prati okka movie lo ilanti oka song maximum untadi. But here is one song from Ninnu Kori that has caught everyone’s mind and made sure to have place in everyone’s playlist. Here are some things we might want to know about this magical voiced man.

1. He started learning carnatic music from the age of 31.He-started-learning-carnatic
2. Chennai lo puttadu kani shifted to San Francisco when very young.2.Chennai-lo-puttadu
3. Sid Sriram started composing and writing songs after he joined the Berklee College of Music in Boston.3.-Sid-Sriram-started-composing
4. Apart from just carnatic, he started to get into R/B and soul style singing too. 11 years ki inni talents is just brilliant.4-Apart-from-just-carnatic,
5. In 2010, he started releasing his music in YouTube.5.--In-2010,-he-started
6. For a Tamil song, when he was contacted, Sid Sriram was at San Francisco and couldn’t come for the recording. So they recorded the song remotely via skype.6.For-a-Tamil-song
7. He is on a project of recording and releasing a full length album, “Insomniac Season”, with the Grammy award winner, DJ Khalil.7.-He-is-on-a-project
8. A.R.Rahman is his hero.8.A.R.Rahman
9. Vellipomakey, Yadike, Nuvvunte Na Jathaga, Adiga Adiga and many more to come. These are the other songs he has lent his voice too.9.--Adiga-Adiga