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9 Most Famous & Delicious Mutton Dishes Of Hyderabad


Non-vegetarians ki yenni dishes unna valla menu lo mutton dishes thapakunda undali. Hyderabad the food hub is one the best place where you get some lip-smacking mutton dishes.

Ee dishes traditional way ga Chala years nunchi Hyderabad homes inka restaurants lo serve chesthunaru. Mutton fry, mutton korma, mutton masala ye dish theskunna vatiki oka special feature inka delicious taste untundi.

Special ee recipes Ramzan inka wedding menu lo thapakunda untai. So next time meeru ee pearl city Hyderabad ki vacation leda work kosam ochina never miss a chance to eat this yummy food. Check out this article for these yummy dishes.

Lagan ka gosht

Delicious Mutton Dishes Of Hyderabad

Hyderabadi shahi spicy mutton fry

Mutton masala

Mutton rogan josh

Mutton mahi khaliya

Mutton tahari

Hyderabadi mutton korma

Marag ( mutton soup)

Mutton mandi

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