9 reasons to book tickets for SPYder right now!


Mahesh Babu always tries to surprise its audience by making very different movies. Thana hardwork and passion ni kalipi creative movies chesthu untaru. Now, he has come up with another brilliance and here is why you must watch it.

1. First time Mahesh oka Sci-Fi Thriller lo act chestunnadu. So expectations ekkuvagane unnai.1 - Sci-Fi Thriller

2. A.R.Murgadoss. Just this name is all that is needed, entho mandiki blockbuster hits iccharu.2 - Ar Mrugadass

3. Mahesh Babu is seen in a completely different attire this time. This time it is beyond being stylish. It is about being extremely intelligent.3 - Mahesh Intelligence

4. The name has so much to speak. SPYder. The word Spy indicates us to watch out for something really exciting.4 - Spyder

5. Rakul is an actress with a lot of caliber. She can pick some very smart roles. When such a talented actress shares screen space, then we must make our way to the movies.5 - Rakul

6. This film is Mahesh Babu’s first in Tamil Industry.6 - Tamil Industry

7. The stunt director of this film is Peter Hein. And rumours say that there are some mind-blowing action sequences in the film!7 - Fight

8. SJ Suryah telugu lo chestunna first movie. Adi kuda villain laga.8 - Sj Surya

9. You need another reason???? Watch the trailer :