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9 Roles in telugu that were Totally Uber-Cool


When you have a drink with your best buddies or when you are sitting idle and jovial at home with siblings or cousins, you tend to speak a lot of things. One of the first things is definitely films. We usually discuss about those characters which impressed us big time. One of them will definitely be the lot of uber-cool guys.

Firstly I would want to clarify what’s the definition of uber cool guys according to this article because regular definition will make a list which never ends. I want to speak about few sparks who stayed in our hearts even after a long time of release of the film. These different characters could pull-off anything or make us laugh like crazy or made us jolted or left us with grief. Characters which won’t need introduction, just mentioning their name will leave us with lot of memories.

Vasu – Vasu

Karunakaran’s guys are cool with a tint of sentimental filter. Venky’s Vasu is one of such, where he is passionate about music & can’t express his feelings to his father, stole many hearts. Even now when this film comes on TV people tend to spend some time to watch him.

Sidhu – Kushi

A jovial and completely relaxed guy. He had total control on what he wanted to do. Sidhu will stand in every Telugu film lover’s heart alike.

Abhi – Manmadhudu

He hates women! With his wit and sarcasm, Abhi had every shade in him. He was cool even hating the women and still getting lots of attraction from them. One of Nag’s best performances 

Tyson – Happy Days

Tyson was intellectual and he had the broad mind to accept many misunderstandings that aroused between

Kalyan – KickMass Maharaja acted like Kick is inseparable from him. Even though it was remade in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Raviteja’s ease of action is missing in them.

Gaali Seenu – Gamyam

His attitude is conveyed through this one dialogue ‘manushulu rendu rakalu bossu okadu dobbetodu inkodu dobbichukunetodu’

Cable Raju – VedamLike any guy, Raju too wants to show more than what he is capable of. Though his conscious speaks loud, the monkey mind is ready to drag him into his pool of desires.

Rishi – Yevade subramanaiamInspiring character who has nowhere to go in future or career except savouring the whole life minute to minute. Dood kasha.. dood kashi ..dood kashi..

Aarya – AaryaA boy in true love, who explained one side love is far better than two sided one. He strains himself with banging emotions between love and friendship and ultimately emerges as a winner.

Do you think anything else needs to go on this list? If so, please mention in the comments section below

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