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9 Silly and Weird Food Habits We All Had In Our Childhood


Childhood anna….childhood lo teliyakunda chesina some things talachukunte navvochestundi. Appudu teliyaka chesina things anni ippudu trip aithe mari ala ela chesam abba anipinchadam chala common vishayam.

Ila anipinche vishayallo food habits kuda okati. Yes, aa age lo edi tinalo, el atinalo teliyaka edi padithe adi tinevallamu. Slate pencils nundi start chesthe raw vegetables varaku childhood lo konni weird food habits we all had in our childhood once rewind chesukundam.

  1. Eating slate pencil and chalk pieces like snacks


  1. Prathi 10 minutes ki okasari kitchen loki velli boost tinadam


  1. Eating bubble gum and other food at a time 


  1. Dipping biscuits in water 


  1. Eating new notebook and textbook papers


  1. Drinking soft drinks very next to tea and milk


  1. Licking cream-filled biscuits and throw away biscuits once you finished


  1. Eating raw vegetables like Lady’s finger, Spinach, Onions etc…etc.


  1. Even though few people used to eat mud, coal and toothpaste.

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