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9 Struggles only girls with long hair will understand


Some of us have a fascination or are forced to grow our hair very long. And we end up having long hair with a feeling of havinga hair cut, yet do not have the guts. Aa long hair ni entha flaunt cheshna kuda, there are a few things such people face and find it struggling.

1. Hair open cheyyalante manaki chaala guts kavali. Pocket or bag or hand ki rubber band petkone potham.1. Hair open cheyyalante manaki
2. Everyone keeps asking you the secret behind your long hair. And you think of it too finding nothing at all.
3. Hair wash cheshnaka adi dry avvaniki ages padtundi.
4. Summers lo hair open cheskovalante… oka pedda yuddam!
5. Small packets of shampoos saripovu. Big big konnukkovali.
6. Hair ki elanti dressing cheyyalanna it takes minimum of an hour or two.
7. Food tinetappudu, we make sure hair is behind our ears so that it isn’t falling and eating our food.
8. Full air lo fast car or auto rides make us feel like a witch with the hair we end up having.
9. Prati okka friend wants to fiddle with our hair and try all sorts of hairstyles!

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