9 Telugu movies which have disappointed us in 2016


Tollywood ee year lo konni adbuthalu ichindi and at the same time has screwed up with some films. Konni movies gave us so much expectations, because of the hype and the cast involved in it. Aa movies lo nothing strong unde sariki we haven’t really liked them. Here are some of those biggest duds of 2016.

1. Sardar Gabbar Singh1_2016-dissapointed-movies
2. Brahmotsavam2_2016-dissapointed-movies
3. Thikka3_2016-dissapointed-movies
4. Krishnashtami4_2016-dissapointed-movies
5. Eedu Gold Ehe5_2016-dissapointed-movies
6. Jaguar6_2016-dissapointed-movies
7. Akhil7_2016-dissapointed-movies
8. Speedunnodu8_2016-dissapointed-movies
9. Mass9_2016-dissapointed-movies