9 Things every guy with beard is tired of listening to


Beards are things that make a man look manlier. Kondaru look amazing without the beard too. but chaala mandi ki beard penchukovadam ishtam. Ilanti vaallu listen to some crazy things in their daily lives. Here is an article dedicated to those men where they can finally agree to be tired of listening to all these statements and questions.

1. Friends and cousins think that we are suffering from post breakup problems.1.Friends and cousins
2. Family aithe constantly worried thinking that we are looking depressed.2 Family aithe
3. “Ila job interview ki elthe, job kaadu cheppu debbalu osthay!”3. “Ila job interview
4. “Bichapodi laaga unav antha pedda gaddam tho.”4. “Bichapodi laaga
5. “Ni birthday ki trimmer set gift istha…chesko sarigga.”5. Ni birthday ki trimmer
6. Fresh ga bath chesaka kuda we listen to – “Snanam chesava leda??”6. Fresh ga bath cheshnaka
7. Some worry if we have started to take alcohol and drugs.7. Some worry if
8. “Terrorists anukoni ninnu arrest chestharu ra!!!”8“Muslims oo terrorists
9. Family thinks we are symbolizing indecency.9. Family thinks