9 things Guys with long hair will relate to!


Hair long or short, gender or characters do not change. It is just a change in the style. Some guys like hair a little below the usual line. Alanti vallu face these things a lot.

1. They are often assumed to be a girl if their hair turns out to be silky.Long hair

2. Long hair unte chaalu..very indecent ani assume chestharu.Long hair

3. Ade Pony tail laaga emana pedithe aipoindi, mana job and mana dignity poindi anattu chustharu janalu.Long hair

4. Summer becomes hectic with sweat and sweat. Hair turns just so wet!Long hair

5. Hair cut epudu cheskuntav ane question everyday adgutharu intlo.Long hair

6. Long hair plus beard unte …people look at us like we are terrorists.Long hair

7. People laugh when you flick your hair to make it neat!Long hair

8. Mana hair koncham silky ga unte..we hear people asking eh shampoo vaaduthav ani.Long hair

9. After so many tantrums finally hair cut cheskunte…we look weird to the max.Long hair