9 Things only loud people will relate to


Some people talk low and ala matladithe vinapadadhu antaru and loud ga matladithe loud antaru! To all those ones whose voice is loud enough, no matter where we are, you will sigh high to all of this.

1. If we are girls and we have a loud voice, we are always reminded of our gender! Girls ki loud voice undodhu ani. DUH!!!!1.-If-we-are-girls
2. Evarikanna emaina secrets cheppalante, we find it really hard to make our voice sound low! Secrets epudu secret la undadu.2.-Evarikanna-emaina
3. We have weird nick names by friends.3.-We-have-weird
4. Inka manaki kopam ochinapudu, people die of ear blasts!4.-Inka-manaki-kopam
5. We often end up becoming the class monitors at school, sicne we have a habit of controlling people with our voice.5.end-up-becoming-the-class-monitors
6. Mana lovers tho romance isn’t easy coz we cannot whisper softly!6.-Mana-lovers-tho
7. We hear complains of being irritating too.7.-We-hear-complains
8. You always wish you had the sweet and soft voice.8.-You-always-wish-you
9. But when it is time to motivate people or make a party alive, no one can do it better than you.9.-But-when-it-is-time