9 Things only people desperate for neatness will relate to


Prathi manishiki unna character streaks prakaram mana intlo or mana friends circle lo it is common to find a person who is a freak on neatness. Okka chinna particle kuda unna place lo lekunda unte chiraku ostadi.

This character trait is seen in the Big Boss house also. Mana kalpana akka is one such neatness freak and not many people are ok with it. Even if they aren’t ok, she cannot stop being that way. Here are a few things such people will relate to.
1. Vallaki evaritho aina pani undi adi jaragali ante jaragalsindhe lekapothe nidraporu nidraponiyyaru.1. When they see it has to happen now,

2. Borrow cheskunna pen cap pettakunda ichina kuda champestharu.2. Borrow cheskunna pen cap pettakunda

3. They ask someone to do something and be patient oka 2 minutes and then vaalle cheskuntaru.3. They ask someone to do something a

4. Evarikanna emaina pani cheppalante aalochistharu. Vaalle cheskunte inka satisfy autharu.4. Evarikanna emaina pani cheppalante

5. Vaallu manaki icchey advice lu kuda ekkuva neatness ki sambandichey untai.5. The advices they have for you are montly

6. Dining table deggara kurchuni tinnaka malli chair ni pakkaga ga neat ga lopala pettalsindhe. 6. Each time you finish eating

7. Morning lechaka entha urgent work unna bed, room mottam clean pettalsindhe.7. You can’t leave your room

8. vaalla desperation ni evaru judge cheyataniki istapadaru.8 You try not to let people judge

9. Bad sense of cleanliness vunna vaallu judge chesthey assale oorukoru.9.And also you try not to let