9 Things that every girl feels like after getting engaged!


Finding yourself the right partner is the best thing one can think of. And finally dorkinaka athanu mana finger ki ring pettesthe, we know that we have love for our life and it is an incredible feeling. And every girl’s life lo a lot of changes happen from then on.

1. The ring on your finger is more than just a ring.1-Girl-feels

2. Your friends circle expands to accommodate his friends too.2-Girl-feels

3. You know every new place in the city for you both go along everywhere.3-Girl-feels

4. You buy a lot of new dresses coz you have to attend every small party and function on both the sides.4-Girl-feels

5. You become very busy. Your phone always needs a power bank!!!!5-Girl-feels

6. Your family gives you more love than ever!6-Girl-feels

7. You get a lot of friend requests from new people.7-Girl-feels

8. Your old photos from Facebook gets too many likes and comments from a lot of relatives.8-Girl-feels

9. You start planning your honeymoon and your travel goals.9-Girl-feels