9 Times in life when we need our best friend!


Life ante a lot of ups and downs. So edi emaina we have that one friend in our life we love to share whatever happens with us. Failure or success, edi aina kuda cheppalani anpisthadi.

Here are times when we feel like being with our best friends

1. When manam chese prathidi fail and flop ainapudu, you feel like talking to them and then everything becomes alright.1-point
2. Ni heart break ainapudu. They know how to make us alright.2.-Ni-heart-break-ainapudu.
3. Manaki mind lo oka vishayam undi that we are guilty about and cannot tell anyone else, you rin to them and just tell it out.3.-Manaki-mind-lo-oka
4. When you finally have achieved what you are looking for, that is the first person you would like to talk to.4.-When-you-finally-have-achieved
5. Manam eskunna dress baunda?? Hair style baunda?? Ilanti anni silly questions ki best answer istharu those friends.5.-Manam-eskunna-dress-baunda
6. Mana pelli fix ainapudu, we want that friend to absolutely be there throughout.6.-Mana-pelli-fix-ainapudu,
7. If you feel bored at home and have to go out and get some fresh air, the best possible company is just a phone call away!7.-If-you-feel-bored
8. Epudaina tensions lo undi night antha nidra pattaka pothe, you just want to call that friend up and talk out to feel better.8.-Epudaina-tensions-lo-undi
9. Shopping ki fabulous company is that friend.9.-Shopping