9 Tollywood Film Directors Who Are Highly Educated

India lo B. Tech chesaka life lo ey joblo settle avvalo decide avutaru… Manalaane Telugu Cinema directors kuda various fields lo Bachelors, Masters chesi, final ga vaallaki kavalsindi Cinema ani telusukuni ikkadiki vachi settle ayyaru. Ippudu unna vaallalo 9 mandi highly educated directors nii ikkada list chesinam. Take a look…

1. Trivikram

TrivikramM.Sc in Nuclear Physics (AU) – Gold Medalist. Also worked as Math/Science teacher

2. Sukumar

SukumarMaster’s degree in mathematics. He later worked as a mathematics and physics lecturer in Aditya Junior college, Kakinada.

3. Srinivas Avasarala

Srinivas AvasaralaMasters in Mechanical Engineering. Worked for Princeton plasma physics laboratory

4. Sekhar Kammula

Sekhar KammulaB. Tech mechanical from CBIT. Graduate degree in computers – New Jersey, MFA at Howard University

5. Srikanth Addala

Srikanth AddalaM. Sc in physics.

6. Deva Katta

Deva KattaMS in mechanical engineering. Worked as Vehicle crash worthiness engineer in general motors

7. Ravi Babu

Ravi BabuGraduate in English literature from Presidency college, Chennai. MBA from Symbosis international university, Pune.

8. Krish

KrishBachelors in pharmacy. Masters in computer science. Started an oversees educational consultancy firm ‘First Counsel’

9. Mohan Krishna Indraganti

Mohan Krishna IndragantiBachelor`s degree in Arts from Loyola college, he pursued master`s degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Hyderabad.

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